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Dental disease is one of the most common ailments to affect our furry family members – smelly breath, poor appetite, ulcers and much more can all be symptoms of a very unhappy pet mouth. The good news is, with a regular trip to your local pet dentist at Love That Pet North Ryde, you can keep your pet’s mouth in tip-top shape and avoid the pain and discomfort that comes from poor oral hygiene.

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Why choose Love That Pet?

At Love That Pet North Ryde we offer Australia’s most comprehensive dental scale and polish package, there are no hidden costs and everything we do to ensure the very best standard of care for your pet is clearly set out below. We guarantee you will not find a more comprehensive dental scale and polish package – we’ve designed it from the ground up to deliver truly Amazing Care – because when it comes to your pet, that’s what they deserve.

Complete Care Dental Scale & Polish – Grade 1 Inclusions
Veterinarian Time (mins) 50
Vet Nurse Time (mins) 80
Admission & Clinical Exam Tick symbol png
Pre-Operative Preparation
– Heart & Lung Assessment Tick symbol png
– Preoperative Blood Profile Tick symbol png
– Urinalysis Tick symbol png
– Anaesthetic Premedication Tick symbol png
– Intravenous Catheter Placement Tick symbol png
General Anaesthetic Induction
– Pre-General Anaesthetic Check Tick symbol png
– Anaesthetic Induction Tick symbol png
– Endotracheal Intubation Tick symbol png
– Intravenous Fluid Administration & Maintenance Tick symbol png
Dental Procedure
– Anaesthetic Monitoring & Maintenance Tick symbol png
– Patient Thermoregulation Tick symbol png
– Dental Radiographs Tick symbol png
– High-Resolution Digital Stills Tick symbol png
– Ultrasonic Scale & Polish of TeethYes Tick symbol png
– Visual & Dental Probe Inspection of Teeth & Gum Line Tick symbol png
– Anaesthetic Recovery & Monitoring Tick symbol png
– Nail Clip & Paw Balm Tick symbol png
– Ear Clean Tick symbol png
– Food & Water Tick symbol png
– Dental Procedure Review Tick symbol png
– Dispense Medications Tick symbol png
– Discharge & Home Care Instruction Tick symbol png
Revisit – 7 Days Post-Procedure
– Dental Wellbeing Strategy Review Tick symbol png
– 10 Point Wellbeing Health Check Tick symbol png
– Tooth Brushing & Practical Preventative Care Training Session Tick symbol png
TOTAL from $375

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Frequently Asked Questions

So what does a dental clean involve?

When you go to the dentist, that noisy ultrasonic scaler your dentist uses chips off any build-up of tartar and calculus on your teeth. Your dentist then probes around the teeth, records any damage to the teeth and x-rays any questionable teeth. You then get a nice polish to smooth out the tooth surface and restore that nice resistant enamel. This is exactly what vets do to clean your dog or cat’s teeth, only it all has to be done under a short anaesthetic, otherwise we can’t see all the teeth (and we might lose a few fingers in the process!).

How often should my pet’s teeth be cleaned?

Regular cleaning of your dog or cat’s teeth combined with yearly dental check-ups are a vital part of ensuring your furry friend is happy and healthy. Luckily, at Love That Pet North Ryde, we are one of Sydney’s leading pet dental experts for cats and dogs.

We recommend a dental cleaning be done every 6-12 months, although it depends on the pet, so regular check-ups are important (just like a human dentist). Regular cleaning of your cat or dog’s teeth also helps prevent serious problems from developing over time, our nurses will coach you on this as part of your scale and polish package. There is nothing worse than having to extract teeth every time you do a dental. The whole process is so much simpler and nicer when it really is just a scale and polish.

Why would my pet need to have teeth removed?

Pets that have significant dental disease have severe damage to the gum and the ligaments holding the tooth in place. Those teeth are painful, infected and at risk of forming an abscess. Unfortunately, once the gum and tooth are severely damaged, there is no way to reverse the disease and repair the tooth. Usually, pets with significant dental disease need to have multiple extractions to remove infection and stop severe pain. At Love That Pet we do everything to make sure this is as painless as possible, using nerve blocks, pain relief injections and tablets to go home with.

Why do we love doing dental cleans?

We love that people travel from all over Sydney to see us. We love being known as Sydney’s pet dental experts, for doing quality dental work. We love the simple difference we can make in pets’ lives, just by making their mouths healthy. Book in for a dental check and find out whether your pet needs a scale and polish.

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