Puppy School

Congratulations on your new puppy! Puppy School is the best place to give them a head start in socialisation and basic training.

What is Puppy School?

At Love That Pet we believe that Puppy School is about more than just providing good quality socialisation opportunities for puppies, it’s also about client education and setting you and your canine companion up for a happy and healthy life together.

Just like people dogs are a very social species with complex communication and signalling. Puppies have a window of opportunity up to the age of 12 weeks called their socialisation stage. During this period they develop an idea of what is safe, normal and how to communicate.

If a dog doesn’t learn to sit during the first 12 weeks, that is absolutely fine, he can learn that at any age. However a dog that doesn’t encounter good play experiences with other dogs and people during this critical window of development will end up with long-lasting problems.

A poorly socialised dog is one that has not encountered those experiences necessary to fit into modern life. That dog may be aggressive, fearful or anxious around other dogs, a danger to children and develop problem behaviours.

Who is Puppy School for?

Puppy School is ideal for puppies who have received at least one vaccine and ideally those under 12 weeks of age will benefit most, but puppies up to 16 weeks of age can join puppy school.

What’s included in Love That Pet Puppy School?

Our puppy classes are a little different, as they are run by both vets and trainers, with a curriculum designed to help your puppy learn the basics of socialisation and help you learn how to provide life long care for your canine companion.

Week One 

  • Vet Session – Dental care & nutrition
  • Training- Teaching Focus, sit on your mat
  • Puppy Care Information – Toilet Training, safe chewing
  • Puppy Play Time – Supervised playtime with other Puppies
  • Homework – House rules, practising exercises

Week Two

  • Vet Session –  Parasites, preventatives & tick Searching
  • Training – Give, heel and social walking, teaching drop
  • Puppy Care Information – Socialisation, problem behaviours, puppy massage and health check
  • Puppy Play Time – Supervised playtime with other Puppies
  • Homework –Research your puppies breed and practising exercises

Week Three

  • Vet Session – Genetic problems and desexing
  • Training – Food bowl etiquette, leave it, recall, stay and appropriate greetings
  • Puppy Care Information – Grooming, eye & ear care, trimming nails
  • Puppy Play Time – Supervised playtime with other puppies
  • Homework – Introducing distractions and practising exercises

Week Four

  • Vet Session – Wellness care and insurance
  • Puppy Care Information – Clicker demonstration and weighing puppies
  • Wellness – Dog body language and child safety, separation anxiety
  • Puppy Play Time – Supervised playtime with other puppies
  • Graduation Parade

Who runs the Love That Pet Puppy School?

Love That Pet Puppy School is run by qualified trainers and vet nurses who have an understanding and interest in behaviour and are able to ensure that puppies are able to reach their developmental goals.

How much is the course?

Our puppy school is $180.00 per puppy for the four week course.

Where and when?

Classes are held on Wednesday nights from 8:00–9:30pm. They are held at our North Ryde Vet Clinic & Wellness Campus, at 384 Lane Cove Road, North Ryde.

Still have questions?

Check out our Puppy School FAQs or call talk to one of our awesome crew on 1300 568 738

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