Dr Angeli – Vet & Clinical Leaddrangeli_profile

Born and raised in Canada, Dr Angeli moved to Sydney in 2009. She joined the Love That Pet veterinary team in 2014.

What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job is seeing the happiness I can bring to not only animals, but to their families when I am able to help sick animals.

Do you have any pets of your own?

I have a little chihuahua cross named Tyson who was adopted as a pup from an animal rescue.

When you’re not working with animals, what are you doing?

Outside of work, I love cooking and am always looking to find new recipes to make. I also enjoy traveling and have visited several countries around the world.

What’s your favourite spot in Sydney?

My fave spot in Sydney is the beach on a hot sunny day.

One interesting fact about you that people probably don’t know?

Despite being Canadian, I don’t handle cold weather well and am often found wearing large jackets, even during the Sydney summer!


  • Honours Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science