Our Team

At Love That Pet, our skilled and friendly team of Clinical and Experience staff will treat your pet as if it were one of our own.
It’s our goal to make your vet trip a pleasant experience for both you and your pet. So expect lots of smiles, treats and cuddles!

dr dave nichol

Dr Dave

“I think vets have a very important part to play in our communities. The role of a vet is incredibly diverse, so it’s an amazing job.”

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Dr Eloise

“I can go from spending time with puppies to a challenging surgery, then spend time chatting about a troubling behaviour problem.”

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Dr Angeli

“What I love most is seeing the happiness I can bring to not only animals, but to their families when I am able to help sick animals.”

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Dr Jennifer

“I love the fact that being a vet doesn’t feel like a job.”

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kitten on green grass

Dr Nicole

“I love being able to help both animals and their owners.”

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“I love that we get to help pets live longer and that we can educate people about that and responsible pet ownership.”

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“The thing I love most about my job is helping make animals better so they go home happier and healthier.”

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“One day I would love to become a vet but right now I could not be happier here doing what I love!”

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“One of the things I really love about my job at Love That Pet is working with animals and making their quality of life better.”

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“I love educating owners about pet wellness and how they can prevent certain health issues though the care they give now.”

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“I love the cattery! It’s my own little slice of heaven.’

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Golden Retriever Puppy running on grass towards the camera


“The cute puppies I get to meet.”

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Seven week old golden retriever puppy outdoors on a sunny day.


“I love being able to play a role (even if it’s a small one) in creating a healthy and happy life for pets and their families.”

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“I love being greeted by the goofy and happy/hairy faces of the pets that come in!”

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Cat in a boxcat in the box


“Cuddle-time with puppies and chatting to owners who spoil their pets.”

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Playful domestic cat lying on wooden bench with bent paws. Shot in backlight at sunset. Very shallow depth of field, focused on snout.


“I love being in contact with animals and doing whatever I can to make them feel better. “

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Cute Dog Shaking Hand


“Working with a group of inspiring people who share the same passion as me! I love taking care of our patients and being a part of their rehabilitation.”

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labrador retriever puppy


“Conducting the Puppy School classes. “

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Cat sleeping on the couch.


“Giving patients a good cuddle when they wake up from the anaesthesia to warm them up and let them know they are safe.”

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